A white collar crime is a criminal offense that usually takes place within a business, corporate, or political setting. These types of crimes tend to cost the United States government and economy a great deal of money because people who commit these crimes drain the revenue and profits of large companies. White collar crimes can be committed and then remain undetected for a long period of time. This is because these crimes are frequently committed by people who are in authority positions, such as executives, upper management, company chair persons, board members, or government officials.

According to the law, numerous illegal acts are categorized as white collar crimes in the state of Florida. Some of the most serious white collar crimes that are frequently committed are:

  • accounting fraud;
  • bank fraud;
  • bribery;
  • counterfeiting;
  • credit card fraud;
  • forgery;
  • theft;
  • extortion;
  • investment fraud;
  • insider trading;
  • insurance fraud;
  • wire fraud;
  • mail fraud;
  • import and export crimes;
  • health care fraud;
  • organized fraud; and
  • public corruption.

How an Attorney Can Help

After a person has been charged with committing a white collar crime, it is imperative that the person consult a criminal defense attorney. A criminal defense attorney can get involved from the onset of the legal process and provide insight and direction as the person’s case progresses. Additionally, a criminal defense  attorney can negotiate with judges and prosecutors to possibly have the person’s criminal charges reduced, or in some cases, dismissed entirely.

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