An arrest warrant or a bench warrant is a legal order that is issued when a person fails to appear in court at a set date and time.  Once a bench warrant or an arrest warrant is issued in a person’s name, law enforcement has the right to arrest the person on the spot.  The person will then be forced to appear in court for any proceedings he/she initially missed.  Because the person failed to make a prior appearance in court, the court may subject the person to enhanced legal penalties or forbid probation.

When there is an arrest warrant or bench warrant out in an individual’s name, he/she should immediately seek legal counsel from a criminal defense attorney. There are harsh repercussions of avoiding arrest, and it is best to retain legal counsel and go to the court with your attorney. By having your attorney at your side, you are showing the court that you’re serious about your charges, and you have a better chance of reaching a positive outcome for your case.

How an Attorney Can Help

When a person has a warrant out in their name, they may be arrested anytime, anywhere. Often, a bench warrant arrest may occur when a person is pulled over for a traffic violation and the police officer discovers there is a warrant out for their arrest. Not only is an arrest embarrassing and frightening, it also interrupts your life – you will be torn from your family, work and friends. A criminal defense lawyer can help you avoid these consequences.

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