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Florida law clearly states that it is important for children to have the opportunity to develop a meaningful relationship with both parents.  To that end, one parent may not unilaterally relocate with the parties’ minor children without first complying with Florida Statute §61.13001, Florida’s relocation statute.  Specifically, a parent seeking to move more than 50 miles away must first obtain either the written permission of the other parent, or a court order allowing the relocation.  If a party relocates with the minor child(ren) without first complying with the aforementioned statutory requirements, then the court can, among other things, hold the party in contempt, force the return of the minor child(ren), and modify the court ordered time-sharing schedule to award more time to the party who is not in violation of the relocation statute.

We at Butash & Donovan are experienced in representing parents who are seeking to relocate as well as those who oppose the other parent’s relocation with the child(ren).  We are able to provide to consult with you to determine your best strategy for obtaining your desired outcome. The sooner we get involved in your relocation matter the more help we can be, so call us today.