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The purpose of a paternity action is to identify the parents of a child or children born out of wedlock, to establish parental rights, and to develop a plan to co-parent the child(ren), through a Parenting Plan that outlines each parent’s benefits and obligations including, among other things, Child Custody/Time-Sharing and Child Support.

An unmarried woman who gives birth to a minor child is considered to be an Unwed Mother in the State of Florida, and as such she is afforded the vast majority of authority regarding that child, even if the biological father signs the birth certificate.

We at Butash & Donovan are experienced in representing both Unwed Mothers and biological fathers in paternity actions.  We work closely with our clients to attempt to resolve their cases amicably in order to reduce their legal bill and their risk at trial.  However, our law from is a skilled at trial and will aggressively protect your rights in trial, if necessary.