Butash Law routinely represents those charged with:

Driving While License is Suspended (DWLS); Reckless Driving; Hit & Run; Traffic Tickets; Moving Violations; Racing; Habitualized Offenders (HTO).

Potential Benefits of hiring Attorney Michael Butash for your traffic offense: No Points, No Insurance Rate Increases, No Traffic School, No Court, No Office Visits. Butash Law can help and has specific knowledge and experience in traffic ticket and traffic crime defense. Attorney Michael Butash is an experienced criminal defense attorney and former state prosecutor. For a Traffic Ticket attorney, this experience and knowledge can prove invaluable in protecting your criminal record and insurance rates. Act now to consult with Butash Law and find out how to best protect your rights and future opportunities. Call 1-866-33-LEGAL to speak to Attorney Michael Butash now about your traffic offense.

There are Two Types of Driving While License Suspended, with or without knowledge:

• DWLS With Knowledge

• DWLS Without Knowledge

• Habitualized Offenders (HTO)