When called to the scene of a domestic dispute, law enforcement officers are often forced to make quick judgments based on little evidence. This can lead to troubling consequences that reach far beyond a night in jail. Often times DV offenses result in extended jail time, probation, or loss of parental rights.

Another possible consequence of being arrested for domestic violence will result in the Court ordering a “No Contact Clause” between the victim and arrestee. This may result in you not being able to return to your residence upon release or seeing your loved ones. Attorney Michael Butash has extensive experience in helping individuals having this clause removed. Furthermore, the victim may petition the Court for a Domestic Violence Injunction. The Butash Law Firm has handled hundreds of these matters with often times the results being a dismissal of this injunction.

Once arrested for domestic violence, individuals will be held in custody without a bond until they are brought before the court for first appearance. Whether or not a bond is given, and how much that bond may be, is determined by whether the victim fears for their safety and the ability of your attorney to make a persuasive argument to the judge.

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