Assault and battery is a type of violent crime that is really a combination of two separate crimes.  Assault is the criminal act of threatening to cause bodily harm to another person, whereas battery is causing bodily harm to another person.

Like all violent crimes, assault and battery are vigorously prosecuted by Florida law enforcement.  This is because this crime may involve the injury of a third party and may even lead to death.  For this reason, any person who has been charged with a misdemeanor or felony count of assault or battery needs to consult with a skilled criminal defense attorney.  A criminal defense attorney with prior violent crimes experience will know how to provide the best possible defense for those who have been charged with assault, battery, or other violent offenses.

Assault & Battery Conviction & Penalties

A person who has been convicted of assault and/or battery in Florida will face a variety of severe legal ramifications.  These legal penalties may include, but are not limited to:

  • incarceration;
  • probation;
  • court costs and fines;
  • community service;
  • restitution;
  • court ordered counseling; and
  • restraining orders/civil injunctions.

How an Attorney Can Help

After a person has been charged with or arrested for assault and/or battery, it is imperative that the person consult with a criminal defense attorney.  A criminal defense attorney can get involved from the onset of the legal process and provide insight and direction as the person’s case progresses.  Additionally, a criminal defense attorney can negotiate with judges and prosecutors to possibly have the person’s assault and battery charges reduced, or in some cases, dismissed entirely.

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