As the name implies, a pre-filing investigation occurs before criminal charges are filed against a defendant.  Through a pre-filing investigation, an attorney has the opportunity to review the unique facts and circumstances surrounding a legal matter and formulate arguments to convince the prosecutors that there is insufficient evidence to formally charge the defendant with a crime.

One should contact an experienced attorney immediately upon learning that he/she may be charged with a crime.  The sooner an attorney get involved, the higher the likelihood that criminal charges could be reduced or eliminated.

How an Attorney Can Help

A criminal defense attorney will understand that the time before charges are formally filed is crucial in the outcome of a person’s criminal case. By providing our clients with the one-on-one service of an experienced criminal defense attorney, we work to help clients avoid having charges filed in the first place. Even if charges are filed at some point, our involvement will still have worked to our client’s benefit, as we may be able to convince the prosecution to file fewer or reduced charges and we will be familiar with the case and ready to defend their rights.

Aiding & Abetting – Convictions & Penalties

A person who has been convicted of aiding and abetting in Florida will face a variety of severe legal ramifications.  Without a skilled criminal defense attorney on their side, a person facing aiding and abetting charges really does not stand a chance. Prosecuting will do whatever it takes to secure a conviction and often seek maximum penalties.

These legal penalties may include, but are not limited to:

  • incarceration;
  • probation;
  • court costs and fines;
  • community service;
  • restitution; and
  • court ordered counseling.

How an Attorney Can Help

When a person has been charged with or arrested for aiding and abetting, it is imperative that he or she consult a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.  A criminal defense lawyer can get involved from the beginning of the legal process and provide insight and direction as the person’s case progresses.  Additionally, a criminal defense attorney can negotiate with judges and prosecutors to possibly have the person’s aiding and abetting charges reduced, or in some cases, dismissed entirely.

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