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Depending on how your case is resolved, Florida law allows you to have your Florida criminal records either sealed or expunged.

Arrests that result in a finding of guilt but with a withholding of the adjudication of guilt (the conviction) may be sealed and thus removed from public records. Not all offenses qualify for this relief. If the adjudication of guilt was withheld then you have a good chance that you qualify to have your arrest history sealed under Florida law. A sealed record is concealed from public view and unavailable for public inspection, but can still be physically reviewed by law enforcement.

Expunging you record, if you are eligible to do so, results in the physical destruction of all but one copy of your criminal record, which is maintained by FDLE. In order to be eligible for expunction of your criminal record, the arrest must have resulted in a dismissal or nolle prosequi (where the State drops the case) and you must not have been adjudicated guilty or delinquent for any other arrest.

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