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We Butash and Donovan aggressively and zealously litigate the legal issues of both individuals and organizations. The firm handles all matters related to civil litigation, including the following fields:

  • Commercial Disputes
  • Business Disputes
  • Partnership Disputes
  • Corporate Disputes
  • Real Estate Disputes
  • Contractor Disputes
  • Small Business Litigation

While we are aggressive in the litigation of our clients’ legal issues, we realize that a timely mediated settlement is frequently in the client’s best interest.  We strive to deliver a superior litigation effort for each of our clients no matter the size of the case, for the purpose of resolving the case quickly and with the least amount of risk to our client.  However, if trial is unavoidable or in the best interest of our clients, then we are ready, willing, and able to argue the case in front of a judge or jury.  Every case has to be individually evaluated based on its own unique facts and issues for the purpose of determining merit and strategy. Hiring an experienced professional can be the best way to avoid losses.